A downloadable game for Android

What is Velocity Rush?

Velocity Rush is a Parkour FPS currently being developed for Mobile devices. Right now the download will link to an apk file and you can test the game on most android devices. 


Here are some of the basic controls 

4 buttons (Dash,Attack,Up,Down)

Joystick for movement

Up - Jump

Down - Slide

Dash - Do a Dash (Has cooldown)

Attack - Punch

Jump+Attack - Kick

Jump+Attack+Left Move - Left Sidekick

Jump+Attack+Right Move - Right Sidekick

Attack+Left Move - Right Elbow

Attack+Right Move - Left Elbow

Slide+Attack - Slidekick

Parkour Moves









As of now attacks have no real us as the combat demo is no yet ready. You can download version 0.6.5 if you want to try out combat.

Other features being added regularly! Make sure to check the  devlogs!

Choose your HUD visibility. An invisible one makes things harder but it will look good in videos.

More awesome features!

Other Info

If the game lags you can use the settings options to lower the graphics quality.

Hope you have fun.

Also this is only a Demo. The full game will be released on the play store when the game is ready :) And a PC version will of course be made too!

I post news of the game on Twitter and Discord. 

Follow @VelocityRush_FP on Twitter

Join the Discord if you want to.


Install instructions

Game should run on any android device with Android version 4.1+ and at least 2 gb of RAM

Recommended a Samsung S4 or newer.


VR_0.7.0.apk 37 MB
VR_0.6.5.apk 51 MB

Development log


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i need this sheet to pc really

This is a masterpiece game except where are the enemies and I do like the new version except all I want is enemies in the game


Nice game! It's really fluid in my 2015 phone! You should add some more stunts and the complex ones.

Add more guard types and enemies, oh! Maybe you could make it like Mirror's Edge where it has parkour, levels, and combat!

(This actually plays like Mirror's Egde.)

Add levels and detailed buildings just like the Mirror Edge (the gameplay of it)

In the future updates!

Glad yoy enjoyed the game. Velocity Rush is undergoing a huge rework right now. You can check it out on my youtube channel

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What's your channel name?

I'll subscribe.

Edit : Nvm, I found it and subscribed.

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is getting very good fellow indie game dev! Are you thinking of creating an online mode in the future?

In the next update, try to improve the aim by adding the adjustment options in the game settings and improve the movement.


Unfortunately no. It would be faster to make another gamw than to recode everything for online play

Pls reply, when will you post 6.7?🙃

When will the new version get realsed 


We need the new version

When soon?

Will this come to pc

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is there an IOS testflight release date? or is it currently just android?

currently only android. I have not planned IOS demo anytime soon. Maybe after the android and PC versions are released.

почему нету обновленей 6.7 я не хочу бросить игру

how come you can't download update 5

Will this be coming to IOS?


Is this available for PC?


Hey friend i love your Project sigue so forward do not give Up i follow your Project since the inisio and i love it and i have a question someday hoy go aserlo online




Looks Very Cool, Is It coming to computers?


Hi thanks for your comment. I am planning to release the game for mobile first and port it to pc later. 

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